What Happens When You Post About White Privilege on Facebook

Joe Smith If I send you my image will you make one of those cards for me?

John R. Mireles - Joe Smith White Privilege Cards are reserved only for those people who are excluded from white privilege. We will soon be offering Ally cards for those who enjoy the benefits of white privilege and wish to help elevate the status of those who don’t. Perhaps I can sign you up for one of those?

Joe Smith John, I have been excluded from White Privilege my entire life. Are you racially profiling me?😀 I am serious, I want my card.

John R. Mireles - Joe Smith You’re a white person. You may not be aware of your privilege but that doesn’t mean you haven’t benefited from it. You’re welcome to visit our welcometowhiteprivilege.com page to learn more about white privilege.

Mike Wheeler - John R. Mireles are you white? My perception is yes, dating all the way back to the mid 80s when we met.

John R. Mireles - Mike Wheeler Ethnically, I’m Latino. By appearance, I’m white - hence I can offer my white privilege to others.

Joe Smith - John R. Mireles Sadly you are SO WRONG.

John R. Mireles - Joe Smith Are you saying that you’re a person of color and that the white guy in your profile photos isn’t you?

Joe Smith - John R. Mireles Labels based on your perception. Do not attempt to profile me from a photo. Don’t judge a book by the cover. So you are standing against the perception of “White Privilege “ with this hateful self promotion? You are so talented. Why the SJW propaganda?

John R. Mireles - Joe Smith Oh Joe... Now your white fragility is showing. Why are you so afraid to be identified as white? It’s really amazing to see white people scurry from whiteness the second they fear it may somehow be used against them. You’re white! Own it!

As far as the rest of your nonsense, calling out hate and racism and advocating for social justice - is not hate. What is racist are your defensiveness and your attacks. Part of white people’s strategy in responding to discussions of race is to turn things around, to bully and attempt to change the discussion from the pain inflicted by racism and their - either implicitly or explicitly - racist acts to their own sense of victimization. Your response here is a textbook example. 

Here’s an article I suggest you read if you’re interested in more information on the topic of how white people respond to being made aware of their privilege: White Fragility

Joe Smith - John R. Mireles Calling me a racist is your only defense for you self promoting under the guise of social justice. 

Really you are Latino but say you are white. Ashamed? I am not ashamed of my Spanish background.

Calling me a racist because I find your opinions and promotion of hatred is ridiculous. Kind of like me saying your photo looks like Charles Manson. You must be a manipulative cult leader.

Enjoy your 15 minutes.

John R. Mireles - Joe Smith If you're interested in learning about what white privilege is and why you have it regardless of your ethnicity, I suggest that you visit the BWP website that I've shared with you. The article above will also help you to understand just how your responses do in fact perpetuate racism. Don't worry, you're not alone in doing so. I've done the same many times in the past. Virtually all white people - usually unwittingly - have. Reacting defensively when confronted with their white privilege is a common reaction among white people.

You're arguing from a position of ignorance: that in and of itself is a racist act. You're perpetuating existing mythologies and power structures while actively ignoring the opportunity to learn.